Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ideas For Cooking With Chicken

Chicken is a super versatile and healthy meat that is a staple in most domestic kitchens. As such, there is no shortage of mouth-watering chicken recipes available. There is so much you can do with the different cuts of poultry including a range of different cooking techniques and flavour combinations.

Ways of Cooking Chicken

Chicken is a home cooks best friend in the kitchen as it can be prepared in many different ways. It is wonderful on a pizza, in salads, in pastas and in casseroles. Chicken is fabulous marinated and cooked on the barbecue or simply baked in the oven. Marinated chicken dished up with rice or pasta and vegetables makes for a total and balanced meal for the entire household.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Healthy Low Fat Clay Pot Cooking

Healthy low- fat cooking in Clay Bakers or Pots is something to look into. Let's take a look at the history of Clay Pot cooking, and the health benefits of preparing your families meal in this delicious way.

Some of the first techniques among the stone age civilizations of long ago involved roasting their freshly caught game over an open fire, using clay or large leaves to cover the food and try to preserve moisture, It is amazing that such a simple method of cooking is still quite popular today, as seen with the increased sales of Clay Pots and Bakers. The vast differences in soil and clay from region to region had an impact on the taste of the game and vegetables cooked using clay, so each region had their own particular, individualized cooking attributes.

We are all aware that a nutritious diet can help keep us healthy, and a simply cooking method with minimal additives and fat is a healthy alternative to frying. The clay cooking pots of today are a great solution for recipes that require a great deal of moisture for proper cooking, and can be delicious without added fats.