Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to choose the right fishing equipment

Fishing success is determined by the expertise and the right equipment. Fly fishing techniques that give priority to beauty fishing that requires patience and the right equipment. To get the right equipment you need to know how to choose the right fishing equipment. One of the tools must have for any fly fishing angler is the fly rod. There are a few tips in choosing a rod there are (1) Weight Rod: solid fiberglass rod, but quite heavy, being made of carbon rods are lightweight but more brittle than fiberglass rod (2) Handle / Grip: The short rod used for single-hand casting (casting with one hand), and long rod for the double-hand casting (casting with two hands). While a medium for single-hand casting, but the position of a longer rod tip will help you withstand the load rod, especially during the fight with the fish. (3) One, two, or three piece rod: The best casting rod is actually just one piece, for the rod length is more than 1.8 meters better if we choose the two pieces and to the length of the rod about 3 m or more using 3 pieces. Besides the selection of fishing gear based on your needs, you also must be smart to choose a quality fishing rod according to brand. You can choose a quality fishing rod as sage fly rods or hardy fly rods. The sage fly rods have the best recommend is sage one rod. Sage one rods is a type fly rod that casting with precision accuracy is needed over a wide range of conditions, the sage one rod the ideal choice for experienced and aspiring casters alike. You can buy them online through that not only sells sage fly rod or hardy fly rods, but you also can find a fly rod with the other famous brands such as Redington, Winston, Greys, Tibor and TFO.